Richard Rosen, JD - Outstanding Faculty Award, 2021

Rick Rosen is not your typical academic; following a successful twenty-five plus year career as a transactional attorney in Vail, Colorado, with specialties in estate planning and land use planning and zoning, and the owner and president of a resort residential development company, Rick retired at the ripe old age of 50 to Tucson with his wife.  Immediately failing retirement, he embarked upon a second and very heartening career, first as a community college instructor and then as a university professor.  He presently is an Associate Professor Practice and the Program Chair for the Personal and Family Financial Planning program.

In the beginning, Rick’s teaching at the Norton School centered on entrepreneurship and business law and ethics; however, after a chance meeting with the then director of the Norton School and the associate dean of academic programs for CALES, the idea was hatched to pursue a CFP-approved degree program in financial planning. With 2+ years in the planning, countless hours of negotiating with administration and competing colleges at the university, the program was formally hatched and approved by ABOR in April 2018, immediately followed by approval by the CFP Board on May 1, 2018. The program now includes a traditional degree program, a minor, an online certificate (both for-credit and not-for-credit), an online minor, and with an online degree to commence in Fall 2022.

Considering his administrative duties for the financial planning program, Rick also teaches estate planning, professional conduct and fiduciary responsibility, coupled with the SIE exam prep and personal financial literacy.  In the past, Rick was awarded the Bart Carden Early Career Faculty Award for CALES.