Melinda Burke

Norton School Advisory Board
Former Director, Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing
Melinda Burke

Prior to my career with the University of Arizona I spent many years in the retailing industry in a variety of positions with several retailers. I was fortunate to experience several executive development programs and then work in  a specialty department store as a group manager, buyer and general store manager.

Regardless of the position, I had a passion for the retailing industry and was challenged every day to be a better analyst, innovator, communicator and leader.  I discovered early in my career that building a strong team was essential to my success. The training and development of my personnel became my priority.

I brought with me to the Lundgren Center for Retailing my passion for the retailing industry and my dedication to building the ‘soft skills’ necessary for success. I believe that success in the reailing industry requires the strong critical thinking skills developed in the classroom balanced by real-world experience. 
Now retired, I enjoy the beautiful Tucson desert and surrounding mountains and never miss an opportunity to get out and explore the landscape.

Areas of Expertise
  • University/industry partnerships
  • Experiential learning
  • Service learning
  • Leadership development
Research Focus


Subjects Taught