Angela R. Taylor, Ph.D.

Professor Emerita, Family Studies and Human Development
Angela Taylor

Growing up in Washington, D. C., I was in one of the first cohorts of children to desegregate D. C. public schools. Thus, from an early age, I became acutely aware of societal prejudices and negative stereotypes regarding academic abilities of ethnic minority children. Later, as a high school student, I took my first psychology course and became intrigued with the study of human behavior and development. These early experiences and interests continue to shape my current scholarly work, which focuses on childhood social development and early school adjustment of low-income and ethnic minority children.  In addition to my research and teaching, I served as the chair of the Family Studies and Human Development Academic Program, a position I held for over 10 years. In that capacity, I was responsible for the overall leadership and direction of the division’s academic programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Over the years, it has been particularly satisfying to see our programs continue to grow and thrive through the efforts of our outstanding faculty, students and staff.