Celebrating the Outstanding Seniors In Retailing and Consumer Science From The Class of 2023

May 18, 2023

The Norton School of Human Ecology celebrates 7 graduating seniors in the Retailing and Consumer Science program for their outstanding achievements over the course of their undergraduate career.

Ava Schumacher, RCSC Outstanding Senior, Grad Blast

As the academic year draws to a close, the Norton School of Human Ecology recognizes the outstanding achievements of their graduating students. These awards serve as a testament to the dedication, hard work, and exceptional talent displayed by these individuals throughout their academic journey. From accolades in various fields of study to leadership honors and community service recognitions, these awards celebrate the diverse accomplishments and contributions of the graduating class. Join us as we highlight the remarkable achievements of these deserving students who have left an indelible mark on the school and are ready to make a positive impact in their respective fields. 

Retailing and Consumer Science Award Winners

Ava Schumacher | Outstanding Senior Award  

Olivia Reardon | Academic Excellence Award 

Savannah Van Dyke | Academic Excellence Award 

Kristine Cao | Special Recognition Award 

Emerson Grim | Special Recognition Award 

Malcolm Williams | Leadership Award  

Luca Ross | Persistence Award 

Olivia Reardon
Olivia Reardon, Norton School of Human Ecology, RCSC Award Winner

Olivia Reardon is a Retailing and Consumer Science student with minors in both Fashion and Business Administration. Throughout her time at the university, Olivia actively engaged in extracurricular activities and organizations. She was a member of Ardor Dance Company, the National Retail Federation Student Association, and Sigma Kappa Sorority. Additionally, she held important positions within Ardor Dance Company, serving as the Social Media and Marketing Chair as well as the Apparel and Unity Chair. 

Passionate about various interests, Olivia finds fulfillment in fashion, dance, drawing, traveling, and painting. These pursuits have enriched her college experience, allowing her to explore her creativity and broaden her horizons. 

The Norton School has had a significant and positive impact on Olivia's journey through college, creating cherished memories and valuable experiences. She appreciates the ample opportunities provided by the school, including participation in the Global Retailing Ideas Summit, which has contributed to her academic and professional growth. The program's comprehensive knowledge has enabled Olivia to secure valuable internship experiences. Among her favorite classes, Supply Chain Management holds a special place as it offered her a fresh perspective on the retail industry. 

Following graduation, Olivia will return to her hometown of Chicago to continue her career at Nordstrom, embarking on the management track. She looks forward to applying her acquired skills and knowledge to thrive in the retail industry while making significant contributions to her chosen field. 


Kristine Cao, Norton School of Human Ecology, RCSC Award Winner
Kristine Cao 

Kristine Cao is a student from Tempe, AZ, majoring in Retailing and Consumer Science with a minor in Fashion. On campus, she has been actively involved in various clubs and organizations. She served as the Vice Chair for the Terry J. Lundgren Center Student Advisory Board and was a member of the National Retail Federation Student Association.  

“The RCSC major has prepared me well for the demands of a job after graduation,” Cao said. “I am confident that I am able to use the skills and knowledge I have gained in the program to analyze market trends, forecast demand, and negotiate with suppliers.” 

Among her favorite classes, Felicia Frontain's RCSC 384 and Cory Quailes’ RCSC 315 stand out. One particular project involved creating an Integrated Marketing Campaign, and Kristine's team devised the idea of "Prada for Pets," where they partnered with the Humane Society International. The experience of researching trends, selecting products, and planning promotions proved both challenging and rewarding for her. 

After graduation, Kristine plans to take some time off to travel and explore different countries and cultures. While she doesn't have any specific plans lined up at the moment, she intends to actively apply for positions within merchandising, particularly as an assistant buyer or buyer, but is excited to take the time off to follow her passions of food, travel, and health.  

Emerson Grim 
Emerson Grim, Norton School of Human Ecology, RCSC Award Winner

Emerson Grim, a Retailing & Consumer Science major from Orange County, California, shares a passion for the retail industry and leadership. During her undergraduate years, she served as a member of the Student Advisory Board for the Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing and took on leadership roles as a preceptor for Retail Math and a peer mentor for incoming freshmen. Retail Math and RCSC 216: Retail Business Analysis and Decision Making were among her favorite classes, as they ignited her passion for analytics and strategic analysis. 

Emerson has secured an internship as a Sales Intern at Sun Bum in Encinitas, California, after graduation. Her career aspirations lie in the fields of merchandising or product development.  

“Being affiliated with the Norton School has been the highlight of my college career and has helped me develop into a prepared retail professional,” Grim said. “I can’t wait for this next chapter of my life and I am so grateful for my time in the Norton School of Human Ecology! Bear Down!”