Summer Camp Volunteer

Part time, and unpaid.

Integrative Touch (InTouch) is dedicated to helping people of all ages and abilities get well and stay well. We support children and adults who are seeking healing and wellness and specialize in supporting individuals as they navigate trauma and illness. For almost 20 years, InTouch has helped infants, children and adults in communities, hospitals, outpatient clinics and online to reduce pain and alleviate suffering. InTouch now hosts many programs from the Integrative Touch Healing Center that is located in Tucson, AZ and serves individuals remotely from around the globe. The Founder and CEO of InTouch, Shay Beider, developed a unique therapeutic approach called Integrative Touch Therapy, that is currently only offered at the Healing Center. Shay also hosts the well known Conversations on Healing Podcast that has listeners in more than 100 countries, where she speaks with world renowned health and wellness experts.

We are excited to announce that our Summer Camps for children of all abilities is beginning soon! Summer camps run through June & July, for three days each week in both the mornings & afternoons. Campers will be registered for 2, 4, 6, or 8 weeks of programming & we’d like to extend a warm invitation for you to volunteer in our upcoming camp for one (or more) of those two week periods. Each volunteer will be paired with a buddy and will support them in various activities every week for the duration of the camp in experiences filled with art, music, movement, theatre, connection, and more! We’ll host an orientation for all our volunteers so you are well equipped before camp officially begins!

A volunteer in our previous camp described their experience as "PURE MAGIC!!!".  If you’re interested in experiencing the magic of volunteering at Integrative Touch, click here to sign up, view the schedule, and learn more.

Integrative Touch