Disney Internships: Multiple Positions

Disney has some great opportunities for Spring 2024 Internships working in Consumer Products Licensing teams in California/Florida and is looking for great candidates.

Students interested in these great hands-on experiences in the world of brand, franchise, and licensing are encouraged to apply!

Questions can be directed to Rebecca Morgan, Ph.D., Recruiter with Disney Professional Internships, rebecca.morgan@disney.com 

Here are two postings currently open in Glendale, CA.

Softlines (Home Products) Licensing Intern, Spring 2024
Hardlines Licensing (multi-category) Intern, Spring 2024


Locations in Orlando, FL (housing is available). 

Softlines (Baby & Kids) Licensing Intern. Spring 2024

Consumables Licensing ( Consumable Packaged Goods & Pets) Intern, Spring 2024

Consumer Products (National Geographic & Lucasfilm) Marketing Strategy Intern, Spring 2024

Consumer Products Global Marketing Activation Intern, Spring 2024

Global Brand Commercialization (Disney Princess) Intern, Spring 2024



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