Community Based Internship

10 hours per week for Fall 2024, and paid. 

UArizona Cooperative Extension is the outreach arm of the University of Arizona. The mission of the UArizona Cooperative Extension is to engage with people across the state through applied research and education to improve lives, families, communities, the environment and economies in Arizona and beyond.

Students will work on a range of projects including delivering programming for children and families, researching community resources, program evaluation, basic analysis of program or participant data, report writing, and planning and holding meetings with community collaborators. These positions are intended to focus on research, program management, and program delivery tasks, and to introduce students to Cooperative Extension and community-based work. 

Students will work on projects on behalf of the Extension Offices in Pima, Cochise and Yuma. The positions are a mixture of in-person, remote and hybrid. Students will not be required to travel to Yuma or Cochise counties.  If you have questions, please contact Melissa Barnett at To apply, visit no later than Wednesday, May 22, 2024.

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