Ashley Randall, Ph.D. - Emerging Professional Award, 2021

Dr. Ashley K. Randall is an Associate Professor in Counseling and Counseling Psychology and Honors Faculty at Arizona State University, wherein she received early promotion and tenure in May 2018. She earned her PhD in Family Studies and Human Development from the University of Arizona in 2012.

Dr. Randall’s area of expertise is on how romantic couples cope with stress and resulting implications for wellbeing. Her work has been widely disseminated in the form of two edited volumes, over 60 peer-reviewed publications, 14 book chapters, and over 100 conference presentations, most of which are co-authored with students - our next generation of leaders! Together with Dr. Casey J. Totenhagen of the University of Alabama and alumna of Family Studies at the University of Arizona, she will begin testing the initial feasibility, acceptability, and program efficacy of the Couples Coping Enhancement Training – Sexual Minority Stress (CCET-SMS), funded by the Mental Research Institute. The CCET-SMS is an innovative relationship education program that focuses explicitly on teaching same-gender couples about sources of sexual minority stress, its impact on individual and relational well-being, while allowing for participants to learn and practice dyadic coping skills found to be beneficial in reducing the deleterious effects of stress.

A Fulbright Alumna and Specialist, she is passionate about conducting international scholarship. She has served as a visiting faculty member in the Department of Dynamic and Clinical Psychology at Sapienza – University of Rome, Italy, Department of Psychology – Clinical Psychology for Children/Adolescents and Couples/Families at the University of Zurich, Switzerland, and most recently the Department of Clinical Psychology at the University of Haifa, Israel.  Dr. Randall is actively engaged in the American Psychological Association and the International Association for Relationship Research (IARR), wherein she has held numerous professional leadership roles.  Presently, Dr. Randall is the Editor of Personal Relationships, one of the flagship journals of IARR.