FITS Registration Information

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Enrollment and Registration Information

  • Starting March 1st the Fall and Summer Schedule of classes will be available, and shopping carts will become available for planning your courses
  • Starting mid-March, your priority registration date for Fall 2024 will be listed at the top of your UAccess Student Center. Remember that your enrollment date is based on your class standing, which is based on units completed as of the beginning of this semester, not how many years you’ve been a student. Remember that your enrollment appointment will begin on your assigned date, and registration will remain open to you until the first week of the spring semester! 
    • April 1 - AZ Online and Distance Campus, athletes, Foster Care scholarship, students using the GI Bill, and Junior and Senior Honors Students
    • April 4 - First-Year and Sophomore Honors Students and Seniors (90+ units)
    • April 8 - Juniors (60-89 units)
    • April 11 - Sophomores (30-59 units)
    • April 15 - First-Year (0-29 units)
  • All students can enroll in Summer courses starting April 1


  • Fashion Minors can begin enrolling into Fall 2024 FITS classes on April 17th*
  • All other majors can begin enrolling in Fall 2024 starting on April 22nd* if seats are available

*tentative dates, subject to change


  • Take care of any holds that will restrict you from registering! You can find information about your holds on the right side (at the top) of your student center. 
  • Unit Limit: Students may add a maximum of 19 units for a fall or spring semester course load. Students must request permission from their academic advisor to enroll more than19 units. Summer and winter sessions have different maximum units that are allowed - View Maximum Number of Units Allowed Per Semester


A full list of UA's Dates & Deadlines can be found here. 

Dates & Deadlines

If you're having trouble enrolling in a class, please read the error message carefully before asking an advisor. Make sure you look at the listed enrollment requirements for each class to understand the requirements to enroll! 

  • Are you trying to enroll in a course that is restricted only to Honors students?
  • Do you need a placement for the class? (common for math and science classes)
  • Does the class require a certain pre-requisite?
  • Are you trying to enroll in a course that is restricted only to certain majors? If so, you may need to wait until open registration to enroll. 
  • Is the class full? 
  • Is there a time conflict with a class in which you’re already enrolled? 
  • Are you trying to enroll in more than 19 units? You need advisor permission to take more than 19 units!

View Enrollment Tutorials for more assistance! 

Searching for Classes Video Tutorial | Class Search Field Guide PDF

Add and Enroll in Classes Video Tutorial | Add Classes Tutorial PDF

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